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//How we do

Branding and design

Branding is the nuanced art of actively shaping your company's identity, it sparks a connection with it's target audience to let your bussines grow faster.

//step by step

1. First meeting

The story start with a first encounter where listen and get to understand what your business is all about. Based on this information, we think out a strategy to improve your brand. The goal of a new brand is to level up your sales and to get more known towards your target audience.

2. Proposal

Analyte works out a new branding strategy and a branding indentity with a new or enhanced color palette, logo and/or extras. We make a proposal based on business inputs and future goals. Once the proposal is accepted we start with the implementation.

3. Let's show the world your brand!

Analyte implements your new or enhanced brand in your chosen products. We include a custom made styling kit for your business guidelines regarding social media, stationary, photography, etc. Analyte offers guidance in finding the right partner for producing your business items.


A logo for your company is key to having business succes. Well-conceived and -designed logos can be instrumental in building and maintaining a certain image of your brand.

6 Reasons Why a Logo is Important:

  • It Grabs Attention
  • It Makes a Strong First Impression
  • It's the Foundation of Your Brand Identity
  • It's Memorable
  • It Fosters Brand Loyalty
  • It Separates You From Competition

Do you need an awesome brand?

Get your identity package!


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