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//How we do

Website Design and Development

A website should bring the identity of the company to the user. Content, performance and design are the key aspects of having an amazing website.

//step by step

First meeting

The story start with a first encounter where we listen and get to understand what your business is all about. Together we visualise the identity of your company so we can give this feeling to potential clients who are visiting your website. The purpose of a website is to inform visitors who you are and to make the step as small as possible to interact with your business.


Before building your website, we create a prototype based on the previous step. This enables us to make a complete proposal in advance so we can pinpoint the focus topics together. The big advantage of using such a prototype is to align content with design at a very early stage.

Let's get coding!

From the prototype made during the proposal, we start custom coding the website. We carefully select all the tools to build your website and give it the look and feel it deserves. After completion we link the website to your domain for everyone online to see.

//Custom Coded vs Builders

You have certainly come across website builders like Wix or Wordpress. While they might seem the ideal solution, the benefits of having a coded websites are still significant. Depending on the case, Analyte chooses the right approach.


Advanced features and functions

Higher startup cost, lower maintainance cost

Advanced search engine optimization (Google etc.)

Advanced interactions and animations

Improved mobile experience


Faster design based on basic templates

Basic functionality

Fully editable site content

Lower startup cost, higher maintenance cost

'Deciding to invest in a custom website will always lead to a superior product. It has a more professional look and delivers a better user experience.'


Every product is unique, there is never one single tech stack for your project. We use the technology we believe is fits best for you.

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