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Powerful CMS

Content Management System

Do you want to add a blogpost or project to your website, but you want to avoid being dependend on your webprovider? Analyte integrates a CMS platform so you can fully control your content and you don't need an intervention from us. Our CMS platform of choice is Contentful!
stripe payment tool for webshop

Most used payment platform

Safe and custom!

Stripe takes care of the important part of paying, it provides a safe and secure checkout page for the user. This page can be fully branded to your liking and includes all major payment options like: Visa, Bancontact, Maestro and even Apple Pay!

Google Cloud services


most famous framework based on Facebook's own library

Image heavy website? No problem!

We optimise every site for the best image loading times. There is nothing more annoying than waiting for images to load. We change the image's size and type based on the connection and the webbrowser.

next performance image optimisation


Tools selected by Analyte


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